How I Became a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Destination weddings can seem to be such as the holy grail of the wedding industry. Remote countries, remote locations, ceremonies happening on top of mountains or on pristine sand beaches…they can actually be amazing. But it’s vital that you understand that they aren’t the benchmark for success by which we ought to measure our career or self-worth. Earning money doing what you love is the end-all-be-all, and you will find no less than 10,000 methods for getting there.

I individually love shooting destination weddings, and I’m past thankful that we get the chance to achieve this often. Below, I’ll share three things that have solved the problem of becoming a destination wedding photographer in Dubai.


Reading through the phrase ”local market” might seem counterproductive when we’re intended to be referring to destination weddings, but stick with me. Over and over I hear from fellow photographers who’re just starting their careers that their intention is to shoot around the globe. Frequently, they put these aspirations in front of the more sequentially natural and achievable goal of booking jobs in their own local market. You’re most likely not likely to like hearing this but…

On the other hand, I may also imagine a few photographers I’ve dealt with who have been incredibly talented and had amazing perspectives, but just never very made the jump from possibility to actual success. The most popular thread with these photographers? They desired to book their dream jobs right away, and felt that local, small-budget jobs weren’t worth their time or attention.

If you’re looking to build a lasting, successful career that you simply love, you need to play the long game and pay your dues. There is no such thing as a fast-track to success.

I launched my business in Dubai, n, where I spent my childhood years. I had been able to harness a number of connections from relatives and buddies in town to right away tell others about my new business. I additionally printed flyers and business cards and gave stacks to every local company happy to give them out or post them in their window. I experienced the Activity Director at my old high school dole out flyers to students promoting a special on senior photos. Many of these flyers and random connections cast a wide net, allowing many people to hear about me and see my work. Counseled me on those people’s prospects? Most likely not, but everyone probably knew a minimum of one individual who wanted a photographer.

Over time of making an effort in my local area, building a strong system of support, and using a large number of strategies to get my name and workout there, I soon had become the go-to wedding photographer in my local area.


Only after you build a strong foundation for your company by conquering your neighborhood market in the event you look to broaden. I individually knew the time had come when a number of things were consistently taking place:

My name acknowledgement in the local market was strong-with consistent referrals from other industry vendors in addition to general connections through the area.

I received, typically, 10 inquiries a week from wedding brides and organizers asking for pricing and accessibility for weddings happening in UAE.

My routine was full-with weddings booked every weekend throughout the UAE wedding season.

Whenever you feel comfy in your home market and have an itch to break into new territory, remember that just like the initial, local development of your business, expanding into untouched markets will take time, patience, and hard work.

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